Ultra Amazing Girls Z (ウルトラアメージングガールズZ!Urutoraamējingugāruzu Z!), or just UAGZ for short, is a collaboration series created by Yoshi0001, PrettyPreppy~, and Japanesenerd247. This series was inspired by Powerpuff Girls Z.

Plot Edit

In the year of 2020, Ultra Tokyo City was in ruin. There were no more heroines to protect the crime-polluted city! In the middle of a crisis, Professor Akali created a brand new chemical: Ultra Chemical Z! The chemical is successful. Hope is once again alive....until a heat crisis arrives. The professor's daughter, Miyu, uses the chemical in order to stop the heat. They actually did it. Except, it went into white clouds and black clouds. The white clouds are good. The black clouds are evil. Now, whoever gets struck by the clouds' lightning are given super powers. Three girls were struck by the white lightning, and now they are heroines!

Characters Edit

Nao Hachimichi/Sweet Buttercream

Nao is a 13 year-old anime geek at a young age, but she loves to create her own magical girl anime and to share it with her friends. Nao is really friendly, and is always there when you need her. But, she can be a bit bossy and airheaded when it comes to food. As Sweet Buttercream, her theme color is yellow, and her weapon is a huge cowbell. Her evil counterpart is Bland. Her symbol is a bell.

Kikanari Akarui/Shining Bright

Bright is a nice 13 year-old girl who seems cool and calm, but really is very playful and loves to laugh. She loves sports, especially tennis. Bright dreams of becoming a great tennis player. As Shining Bright, her color is orange, her weapon is a tennis racket, and her symbol is an orange ball. Her evil counterpart is Black.

Bella Yamari/Floral Bellflower