Magical Girl Z (魔法少女Z Mahō Shōjo Z), is the official reboot of Demashita Powerpuff Girls Z. The creator of the reboot is Haruna, the series is set to have three seasonal specials, two seasons and one movie. 


One-hundred years before the series begining, a meteor crashed down to earth. Inside, there were two balls of light: the Puff Rays, light of all good and justice of earth while the other, Nega Rays was the light of all badness, grim and bad choices of earth. After colliding with the Toyo Tower in Japan, the rays were released. 

Many years later, the Puff Rays split into six small beams that spread across Japan until reaching Tokyo, with the first three entering a small kindergarten and the other three being lost somewhere else. At the local kindergarten, the three Puff Rays housed in the toys three students: the yoyo of Akatsutsumi Momoko, bubble wand of Gotokuji Miyako and toy hammer of Matsubara Kaoru, before eventually into their bodies. The Nega Rays landed in two places; a bookstore and a zoo, creating both fairytale and animal-themed enemies. 

Seven years later, now all thirteen, they're attending a the same school but with totally different lives. After a scary encounter with the evil, harlequinn-like man, Him, the Puff Rays reacted in their bodies and they transformed into the Magical Girls Z, as they accessed the Puff Pacts. Now, Magical Blossom, Magical Bubbles and Magical Buttercup must find the holders of the last three Puff Rays but how can they do that if Buttercup isn't into the whole "themwork" thing?!


Magical Girl ZEdit

Akatsutsumi Momoko (赤堤 ももこ):  leader of the team. Momoko has a habit of manipulating ehr name to match her current mood and shout them out as phrases, for example "Momo~Pu-Pu.." if she's sad or down or "Mo~Pika~Mo" when happy. Momoko has an obsession with desserts, especially strawberry shortcake and custard pudding, but suprissingly at the same time is a studious, school-lover who enjoys learning new things and reading. Her Magical Girl alter ego is Magic Blossom ( マジックブロッサム Majikku Burossamu). 

  • Alter Ego: Magic Blossom
  • Power: Flowers, Perfume; Aroma 
  • Weapon: Yoyo 
  • Attacks: Sakura Shoot, Cherry Bang (sub-attack), Sakura Blossom Party